Warrior Fishing Boats Range

Warrior fishing boats are UK built open day fishing boats with a number of models in their range which goes from 16 to 17.5 feet.

  • Warrior 165 Warrior 165 https://www.cambrianboats.com/uploads/new-boats/000_0300.jpg NEW The Warrior 165 is the most popular and enduring boat made by Warrior

    Warrior 165

  • Warrior Pro Angler Warrior Pro Angler https://www.cambrianboats.com/uploads/new-boats/2009-02-25 Pro Angler 001.jpg NEW Designed to be the two seater sports car of the angling world the Warrior Pro Angler has been designed with years of customer feedback in mind.

    Warrior Pro Angler

  • Warrior 175 Export Warrior 175 Export https://www.cambrianboats.com/uploads/new-boats/DSC_2558.JPG NEW The Warrior 175 Export shares the same hull as the popular and proven 175 but is single skinned like the 165.

    Warrior 175 Export

  • Warrior 170 Leisure Warrior 170 Leisure https://www.cambrianboats.com/uploads/new-boats/2009-02-25 Warrior 170 Leisure (Medium) 003.jpg NEW With more people purchasing the Pro Angler as a family boat it wasn't a hard decision to make a boat dedicated to family time.

    Warrior 170 Leisure

  • Warrior 175 Warrior 175 https://www.cambrianboats.com/uploads/new-boats/2009-02-25 Warrior 175 (Medium)003.jpg NEW Evolution at it's best with a double skinned hull and the famous Warrior standard design and finish.

    Warrior 175

Customer Testimonials
Here are some useful comments from our existing customers regarding the Warrior range of boats.